Software Testing

Test Automation

As the name implies, test automation makes use of special software to conduct the tests “automatic”, in contrast to manual testing which is conducted by testers. Each testing method has its advantages, test automation, can automate some repetitive but necessary tasks which are laborious and time-consuming, or perform additional testing that would be difficult to do manually. Moreover, it gives a precise, defined status of the software through its continuous testing and thereby shortens the test cycle while improving the quality of the products. We at Rocket-Testtailor, can help you to select the methods and tools for testing that best suit your product and your business. We can also create customized testing frameworks which are individually tailored to your products. These frameworks are generally based on established open-source solutions and provide an interface through which you can quickly and easily create new tests and adapt existing tests. We'll also help you to set up the required test infrastructure on your servers or provide you our infrastructure.

Manual Testing

The process of manual testing requires a tester to put himself into the shoes of an end user, and use/test the application through his eyes. The aim thereby is to find as many defects (Bugs) as possible and in this way contribute to the flawless functionality of the application. In the course of this, it is necessary to follow a written test plan that leads through a set of important test cases which guarantees that all features of the application are tested, as well as the correct behavior and the completeness of testing. We at Rocket-Testtailor, have a set of professional testers who have experience in testing applications thoroughly and who understand the importance of the user-perspective. We offer a wide range of different tests (black-, white- or grey-box testing), to ensure the discovery of quantitatively and qualitatively high number of bugs.

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